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Make more money and offer better rates!


That’s our promise when you join NEXA Mortgage Team. 

Connect with us and we’ll show you how you can get industry leading rates

and put more money in your pocket.


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More Money

NEXA’s industry leading compensation plan

will put more money in your pocket for the same

effort. Don’t waste another minute with a second

rate brokerage.

Top Tier Support

Get access to a team of NEXA experts from day one.

From onboarding to payroll and systems support, you’ll

never be without a dedicated support network.

Better Rates

NEXA is the low rate leader for every market

you work! Offer the best rates in the industry to

help you close more deals and bring more value

to your clients


    NEXA Mortgage is designed to give you the ability to compete on every loan in every market.  Stop losing clients to other clients with lower rates, let us make you the “low rate lender” in your market.


    No more sending clients away because of overlays or products.  You will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the product offerings of over 120 lenders.  Enjoy product offerings including government and conventional loans, commercial, investment, “All In Once” loans and much more.

  • 3. SUPPORT

    Enjoy our video on line live support, always available ready to assist with your immediate needs. Support teams that are always available.


    Our average CTC is 14 days and we are pushing that to be even faster.  NEXA has an amazing processing platform and is by far one of the most amazing pieces of NEXA Mortgage. You have flexibility to choose.  We do have amazing 3rd party processing partners.


    NEXA Mortgage is a business of people independently working together to provide all of the benefits you can expect from a fortune 500 company. (Medical, dental, Matching 401K, Retirement revenue share, life insurance, etc.)



    Our full-time marketing team is always ready to assist you with all of your video and online marketing needs.  We have more available marketing materials than you can handle.



    We pay a generous compensation from 220 to 275 bps.  This generous pay scale provides our MLO’s with a platform to maximize their return on effort. Not only are they able to able to earn a better living but also able to build a legacy with our revenue share program.


    Earn a residual revenue share by helping NEXA to attract qualified mortgage brokers.  For those agents that you refer to NEXA, you earn a recurring revenue on their production. You are  able to build a retirement plan that vests after three years with the company.  Learn more how to build a lifestyle and legacy with the retirement revenue share.

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Call/Text – 315-269-8469
Email: dlisi@nexamortgage.com
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Thank you for your interest in NEXA Mortgage.


No longer do you have to depend on just selling service. We all do, but when you can sell service and provide jaw-dropping rates without forfeiting your commission; you double your business. Again, double your business! Stop chasing conditions! Get Fortune 500 Level Benefits within 60 days, along with 5 Star Processing & Support that keep you selling!



 Stop Losing Deals to Rates (Sell Service & Rates)
 Stop Saying No to Clients that Can Buy
 Stop Saying No to Self-Employed Clients that Can’t Show Tax Returns
 Stop Saying No to Clients as Low as 500 Credit Scores
 Stop Accepting Poor Service from Your Underwriters and Processors


NEXA Products:
You’re going to double your pipeline because of our vast array of Products. No longer are you going to lose a deal because you don’t offer the product and you’ll soon become the new low-rate market leader.
FHA and VA down to a 500 score
Construction “One Time Close”
NEXAdpa – Multiple down payment assistance programs to choose from
DrNEXA – Doctor program
Bank Statement Programs (for self-employed)
NO DOC Programs (for investors)
Hard Money & Fix and Flip Programs
Reverse Mortgages


If there is a product we don’t have we will put it in place. Just ask. NEXA Processing: We made processing and support the way you deserve it to be – the way that gets you back out there bringing in new business!

Here are a few of the benefits of NEXA’s Processing;
True A-Z processing (submit a purchase contract an forget it – processing
handles the rest!  You no longer have to chase down your conditions – They’re on it 7 days a week
AND evenings.  Processors are COMMISSIONED ONLY and based on speed (they are motivated). Fully automated processing systems that dramatically speed up the process. Processor is ready to be the main point of contact for everyone, contract to close!


NEXA Support:

Some is always ready for a Live Support Session – there’s no leaving messages with NEXA – All Live Zoom Video!
Marketing Support
Systems Support
Lender/Scenario Support
Human Resources Support
Payroll/Accounting Support
On-boarding Support


NEXA Revenue Share Program: One of the reasons we are the fastest growing Brokerage in the Country is because of our loan officers. Our LO’s are also Recruiters
Recruiters earn 10 BPS on all LO’s they recruit – down 3 levels
Your Revenue Share is Forever after 3 years
Example: For each LO that produces $1m in volume – you’re making $1,000
NEXA Benefits: There isn’t another Brokerage in the Country that offers NEXA’s
Fortune 500 Level Benefits.
Medical (multiple plans to choose from)
Life Insurance
401k with 3% Match
Legal Services
Revenue Share – Retirement
Revenue Share – Insurance


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